Over the past month, I’ve been making several changes in my life. I quit an office job that I couldn’t stand to be at any longer, started up this blog & freelance writing (both of which I’ve wanted to do for a very long time), and started a new job as a server at this great little pizza restaurant.  I finally decided it was time to turn my focus from just trying to support myself at any cost, to supporting myself and actually being happy with what I’m doing.

In the spirit of making lifestyle changes, I decided that it’s time for me to focus more on my physical health. Now, I wouldn’t say that I am that unhealthy. I generally eat well and almost always get enough sleep, but I know being healthy is so much more than that. I decided to set some goals and join a gym.

My goals are…

  1. Drink 72oz of water each day
  2. Be able to run a 5K
  3. Lose 20 Pounds

So what’s been helping me to keep myself on track to lose weight and adapt a healthier lifestyle?

The Tools

  • FitBit – I love having a FitBit. You can do so much more with it besides seeing how far you walk or run.
    In the app, you can keep track of your sleep, how much water you have been drinking, and exactly what you’re eating. My favorite thing is being able to see what I’m eating, since I’m trying to focus more on moderation instead of restricting myself. Restricting is simply unsustainable for me and calorie counting can become a dangerous habit quickly. I find that for me personally, moderation is a much healthier and more doable option.I almost always have my phone on me, which makes it easy to keep track of what I’m doing. Being able to see what I’ve consumed or what I need to do to hit my daily fitness goal has been so helpful. It’s very clear instead of a guessing game.
  • Water Bottle – When my mom came to visit, she brought me a 24oz water bottle that was part of a set from Costco. This has been such a life saver when it comes to forcing myself to drink more water. I try to drink at least 72 ounces a day, which equals to 3 full bottles. If working out, I’ll drink an extra 24 ounces. Adding cucumber and lime juice to the water has also been so great for making it a little more interesting. 
  • Friends & Support System –  Having friends that like to workout & eat healthy has been so helpful. We share with each other when we reach a certain goal or an awesome healthy recipe. It’s great to have cheerleaders and celebrate wins with your friends. My roommate is also interested in working out which has been great. We are able to push each other instead of letting laziness win.

The start of 2017 was a little rough for me, for a multitude of reasons. Being able to focus on making positive lifestyle changes turned things around completely. I’m looking forward to making the rest of 2017 better. 🙂