When I first heard about tapas style dining, I was watching an episode of Girlfriends. Joan was going through her crisis and decided to quit her profession as a lawyer at a prestigious firm. Instead, she wanted to open a new tapas style bar and restaurant. I had no idea what she was talking about, but her friends made it seem like it was such a bad idea. Fast forward to 2017, and I’ve been there, done that, and know exactly what she’s talking about. In fact, it seems like everybody’s doing tapas dining and it works.  

Derived from Spanish cuisine, tapas are appetizers or snack foods, served hot or cold, in small portions and in wide varieties. Establishments serve tapas in a warm, friendly environments that make it easy to enjoy memorable moments with friends. Besides the atmosphere, small plates, and good times, here are a few more reasons to enjoy tapas style dining with friends.

Tapas style dining allows you to try new foods
Fellow foodies are familiar with venturing out of their comfort zones on the menu. Others might not be so eager to dive into the new plates. It’s also understandable to not want to waste money on something you may not like. Tapas dining is the perfect solution for that. Everyone can get a little of what they like and pass it around to let the newbies try it too. That way there’s no crying over a little spilled milk or wasted samples.

It gives you a reason to have a gathering.
It’s always great to catch up with friends. What better way to do it then over food? Only this time, there’s no prepping, cooking, or clean up. Meeting at a tapas style restaurant is the perfect, stress-free way to spend time with friends. You can keep your house in order and still entertain while enjoying yourself at the same time. In fact, you can still watch sports, listen to live music, or observe an artist creating their latest masterpiece. 

Tapas dining brings you closer by encouraging sharing and socialization.
Tapas dining is a little more special than your regular gathering or dining experience. You’re all together at one table and passing the plates around. The setting encourages the concept of sharing where ordinarily each person would fend for themselves. On top of that, the intimacy of the setting encourages socialization, so it even helps break the ice with new acquaintances.  When dining tapas style, get ready for a night of learning, laughs, and sharing in more ways than one.

It could save you some money.
We’ve already touched on how tapas dining prevents wasting money, but it can also save you a few dollars. Just because they’re small plates, it doesn’t mean they’re cheap. One thing about sharing a friendly meal among friends is that it means sharing the cost. You can split the ticket evenly for your meal or however you agree on it. Either way, you’ll end up having a much wider variety of foods for the money you pay. If you tried to do that alone or with larger portions, you’d be out of much more money. 

Tapas style dining is another reason for a foodie to eat.
As if we need much of a reason, right? Most tapas restaurants have a wide variety of foods and many put their special twist on classic favorites. There are plenty of locations across the globe to have delicious, filling tapas. You can look forward to having a great dining experience while pleasing your palette. Try new foods, meet with friends, and eat off each other’s plates! Sounds like a winner. 

If you’ve never tried tapas dining, or never experienced it with friends, you have plenty of reasons to convince you now. Give it a try and come back and tell us about it!  If you’ve had your share of tapas, tell us your favorite thing about it and your favorite place to enjoy it. Let’s chat it up in the comments below!