As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite things I’ve ever done was backpack through Europe.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and definitely had the experience of a lifetime. What I probably enjoyed the most was getting to experience so many cultures through food. Between tapas in Spain, pizza and pasta in Italy, and some incredible seafood in Croatia, I got to enjoy so many delicious treats. Even so, I barely scratched the surface! If you’re going on a trip to Europe, or even have some great authentic restaurants in your city, make sure to check out this awesome food bucket list created by my european blogger friend, Portia, the creator of lifestyle blog Pip And The City:

Listen up foodie fans, one of the best things about traveling around Europe is the huge variety of regional and speciality dishes to be tried as you eat your way around Europe. One morning you could be eating a crepe in Paris, jump on a train and by the afternoon you could be chowing down on frikandel in Amsterdam. Here’s a guide to some of my favorite eats across Europe:

German Currywurst

Germans are mad for sausage and you can find many variations of sausage loveliness. You can try bratwurst, brockwurst, or Weisswurst. The most popular is currywurst. This fast food staple is THE street food in Berlin and consists of sliced pork sausage smothered in a curry-tomato sauce for a spice kick. It’s best consumed with fries and a coke.

Spanish Tapas

Should you find yourself in a Spanish bar make sure you try some tapas to accompany your drinks.  In many bars, these small dishes will be complimentary when you buy drinks. Expect to enjoy olives, cheese, pickles, cold meats, pickled fish, and breads. In most cafes and restaurants, you can order heartier plates of hot tapas such as Calamari, stuffed peppers, and spicy potatoes.

French Crepes

When one is wandering the streets of Paris, it is imperative to have a traditional French crepe in order to have the full ‘French experience’. Unlike thick American pancakes, crepes have a distinctive delicate composition of buttery layers, making them light and extremely tasty. They’re best served with Nutella or strawberries and sugar.

Polish Pierogi

If you love dumplings you will love pierogies. These tasty little parcels are either fried in butter or baked and are mostly served with sauerkraut. Pierogi comes in many varieties and can be meat filled or vegetarian. Look out for 24-hour pierogi places in Polish cities such as Krakow or Warsaw. Surely the best thing to sober you up at 4am after a night on Polish vodka!

English fry up

Hungover on your travels? There’s nothing quite like a proper English fry up of a morning to get you back in the game. Pile your plate high with sausage, egg, bacon, beans, black pudding, and piles of buttery toast. The best breakfasts are served in traditional British greasy spoons. We’re talking laminate clothed table, ketchup in tomato shaped bottles, chalk menus, sugar bowls, and of course, a proper cup of tea in a teapot.

Belgium Chocolate

Chocolate lovers will rejoice at what is considered to be the capital of chocolate. Some of the finest chocolate can be found in Belgium with an extraordinary amount of retail outlets in flogging the sweet stuff. The sheer range of chocolate available is extraordinary. You can have your basic, milk, dark, and white on one end of the scale, before finding luxury chocolate outlets featuring flowers, essences, fruits, and spices. A chocoholics dream come true.

Danish Smørrebrød

These traditional open sandwiches are the typical lunchtime eats of the Danish. Expect slices of thick rye bread topped with extremely Danish fillings, including smoked eel, pickled herring, fried fish,  lettuce, boiled potatoes, and pork liver. Smørrebrød is served in nearly every type of establishment. It’s in cafes, shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. Embrace the weird and try the many combinations of sandwich heaven.

Greek Moussaka

This famous Greek dish will be served in most Greek establishments. There may be slight variations, but the key here is that the food is deliciously layered. The typical combination includes minced meat, sliced aubergine (eggplant), onions, tomatoes, spices, and potatoes topped with cheese and a cheeky bit of béchamel sauce. This is an extremely filling and indeed satisfying dish that will warm your insides and your travel weary soul.

Portuguese Bacalhau

The most well-known dish traditional in Portugal is Bacalhau, which is baked or grilled salt and dried cod, typically served with potatoes, onions and eggs. This is a truly flavoursome dish that will have many variations across Portugal and appears to be served in most establishments, and indeed in Portuguese households, with recipes that are undoubtedly passed down the generations.

Dutch Bitterballen

Any bar or café worth its salt in the Netherlands should serve bitterballen. These bite size meatballs are a traditional Dutch snack, served mostly as an accompaniment to drinks.  Bitterballen are made by rolling chopped up chicken, beef or mushrooms into little balls and then deep fried to a golden, crispy perfection. Make sure to eat them the ‘Dutch way’ and dunk them in spicy mustard

Portia is the voice of Pip and the City, a lifestyle and travel blog she created to share travel, food, lifestyle, and adventures. She is based in Cardiff, Wales and often documents her adventures with her husband Luke. Some of their adventures include hiking through the Australian outback, scuba diving off Thai islands, backpacking across canada, and road tripping through America. Follow Portia on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube