If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been in Connecticut a lot lately. My main purpose for coming back to my home state has been for job interviews (that’s a story for another day), but it’s also been so nice getting to spend time with my family and friends over here.

Over this last year, I’ve learned to appreciate Connecticut more, and dare I say, even miss it a bit. If you told me I’d say that a year ago, I’d say you were crazy. Being in Connecticut is just so different from Chicago. Regardless of what I used to think, Chicago isn’t better than Connecticut, it’s just different – apples & oranges.

 For example, in Chicago, if I don’t make plans to see friends, I’m probably not going to bump into anyone I know. In Connecticut, it doesn’t matter where I go, Bristol or a few over, I always seem to bump into someone I used to go to school with, a former co-worker, or a family friend. In Chicago, it seems like things are constantly changing; Bristol is in its own bubble – nothing ever seems to change. Chicago has everything I could ever want, the one thing that is missing is my family.

Anyway, one of the reasons I was so happy to come home this weekend was because I was going to get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom! The last several years I haven’t been home due to being in Chicago. While we don’t make a huge deal over the holiday, it’s always nice to get to celebrate my mom and how amazing she is!

We celebrate by going out for dinner and decided to go to Geno’s Grille. Geno Auriemma, the Uconn Women’s Basketball Coach, is the owner of the restaurants. He has a couple of locations, one across from Uconn’s campus in Storrs, and another in Southington.  We’ve previously been to the one in Storrs and thought it was awesome. With delicious food and flowing wine, you really can’t go wrong.

This time, we decided to go to the location in Southington, which is much closer to where we live. I’ve never been to this location, so I was excited to check out the vibe of the place. It was different, bigger, than the Storrs location. It’s not a bad thing, but I’ve always preferred cozier spots. However, it’s all about the food and of course it did not disappoint.

We first had to decide on a wine and Chianti seemed like a perfect choice. Then, we started out with two flat breads – one had a red sauce with sausage, caramelized onions, and gorgonzola cheese, the other had olive oil, wild mushrooms, goat cheese, fig, and rosemary. Both were so delicious, we devoured them in no time at all! (This explains why there is no picture!)

Next for dinner, I decided to go with an option I typically wouldn’t choose: the Chianti braised beef short ribs served over polenta and with green beans. It was so delicious. Usually when I go out to eat, I get a vegetarian option or something that isn’t just a hunk of meat. But WOW, this was so good, I have no regrets. My dad and Uncle Dan got the chicken parmesan and my mom had gnocchi. All of us agreed our meals were absolutely delicious.

We were getting so full, but we are all foodies and couldn’t pass on at least tasting dessert! We decided to split a huge slice of chocolate cake – 4 layers high! I’m glad the four of us could tackle it. But even then, we had leftovers. It was so good and definitely worth the calories. Plus, calories don’t count on holidays anyway 😉