There’s been a lot of changes going on in my life over the past month or two. I recently moved from Chicago back to Connecticut, started a new job, and moved into my own apartment, an hour away from my family. Also, as of yesterday, I turned 24. With so many things happening quickly, I haven’t really gotten to just sit down and think about all that’s been going on.

I’ve determined that since graduating college, I feel like I’ve never been settled. I got my first job out of college back in Connecticut, which was a really great job. However, I ultimately knew that I wanted to travel through Europe and head back to Chicago. After all, Chicago was home to me for 4 years in college and I really feel like I became my own person there. However, once I was back in Chicago, I struggled more than I thought I would.

In Chicago, I wasn’t able to find a job that I enjoyed and worse, I couldn’t support myself. Being stressed out about money at 23, seemed crazy to me. When all my friends wanted to go out to eat or drinking, I, of course, came along. Moving to Chicago and being a hermit wasn’t an option for me.  Plus, I love spending time with my friends and I wasn’t willing to give that up.

But in the back of my mind, every time we went out was “get the cheapest option” or “make sure you don’t spend a lot next week so next paycheck you can pay them back.” I would talk about how broke I was, what felt like constantly, and I could see my friends getting tired of me talking about it. But when that’s always in the back of your mind, it’s hard not to. When I was in a bind, I’d ask my parents for money, and it felt wrong. I didn’t enjoy or want any part of that.

While I applied to jobs and was interviewing what seemed like non-stop in Chicago, no new job worked itself out. This is when I decided, maybe moving back to Connecticut would be a good idea. After all, I missed my family a lot and it was hard to miss weddings, some holidays, and seeing little cousins grow up because I was so far away.

A few weeks after I started applying for jobs in Connecticut, I had two interviews. I flew in for the interviews and after a few more trips back and forth, I was so happy to accept a position at a tech consulting company. It’s been almost a month since my first day and I can honestly say I’m really happy with it. I enjoy what I’m doing, I really like my co-workers, and I can finally support myself.

After I accepted the position, I had two weeks to pack up my things, find an apartment, sign a lease, and move in. I’m all for a good challenge. Although, if it wasn’t for all the help I received from Momma Sue, there was no way I’d be able to do it in that short time frame. She’s a total rock star, as always. Even once I moved in, she’s been helping me get things set up and situated. So thanks again mom, you’re the best. 🙂

With all these changes, I truly feel happier and ready to bring in my mid-twenties.

I finally am beginning to have my shit together and, wow, what a feeling that is.