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I’m glad you stopped by. If you’re searching for recipes, food inspiration or are just learning how to cook, you’ve come to the right place. The Bustling Foodie was launched in early 2017, as a place where foodies, people on the go, and newbies to the kitchen can come together and gain knowledge and ideas.
As I’m someone that’s always bouncing around from one activity to the next, you’ll find a lot of quick and easy recipes that are perfect in a time crunch. Have a little more time and want to cook a meal that’ll really impress your family, friends, and date? I’ve put together a collection of those as well and am always creating new delicious recipes. I also love to share food tips, tricks, and thoughts on everything from a new cuisine to how to eat healthy on the road or how to grocery shop for one.
As a young millennial (I’m 24!) I’m still constantly learning new cooking tricks and what food works for my fast paced lifestyle. As I continue to grow and share with you, I hope you find value in it and take tips to use in your own life. I’m always open to post suggestions and testing new cooking theories, so if you have any, please comment or send my way!
I created this blog in early 2017 as a way to stay sane and happy in the middle of a bleak Chicago winter. Now I’m totally addicted to sharing with you all! I hope whether you’re a new cook, or are just looking for new recipes to add into your usual rotation, this blog can serve as a guide and make your culinary journey a little more enjoyable.
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