Enjoying Pale Ales To The Fullest

Posted on: 23 April 2021

Pale ales are a classic type of beer, characterized by the use of pale malt. They have a light color and are typically made with hops. There are various styles of pale ales, from the strong pale ale to the India pale ale, which makes this category of beers really fun to taste test. But whether you're drinking full pints or tasting a few with your friends, you will want to follow these tips in order to enjoy your pale ale beers to the fullest.

Drink the least hoppy ones first

If you have more than one type of pale ale to drink, do a little research to find out which ones are likely to be the most hoppy. Do your best to drink them in order from least to most hoppy. This way, you won't overwhelm your palate with hops early on and be left less able to taste the nuances in the later beers. If you're doing a proper tasting, arrange your beer samples from least to most hoppy. If you're just drinking pints or bottles, pour your least hoppy ones early in the evening.

Choose an appropriate glass

Pale ales should be enjoyed from a glass that is taller than it is wide. This helps ensure the aroma of the beer and the effervescence stay concentrated as they billow out of the glass and into your nostrils. Smell is a big part of taste, especially with beer. A standard pint glass is perfectly acceptable, as is a British Imperial pint glass. If you have a pilsner glass, that will suit most of your lighter pale ales pretty well, although you may want something a bit wider for the really robust, hoppy ones.

Sip alongside sweet and creamy foods

The hops in pale ales tend to be overpowered by really heavy foods like steak and stews. However, they are nicely complemented by anything sweet or creamy. Some foods that pair well with pale ales include cookies, cheeses, and most dips. These are also good beers to pair with anything bread-like, such as pretzels, buttered bread, or crackers. If tasting multiple beers, try having a sample of food in between them to cleanse the palate. This will help you distinguish between the various pale ales, which can be quite similar.

Pale ales are delicious beer, and they are easy beers to enjoy. If you follow the tips above, you'll have a tasty drinking experience. 


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