• From Ales To Stouts: A Deep Dive Into The Variety At Your Local Beer Store

    If you're like many people who pay an occasional visit to a local beer store, you tend to make your selections from among a list of tried-and-true favorites. However, it's worth venturing out of your comfort zone from time to time when it comes to beer — trying different beer styles can broaden your palate and introduce you to new flavors you may come to enjoy.  Whether it's a new craft beer from a local brewery or an international beer that transports you to a foreign land, there's a whole world of beer awaiting your discovery.
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  • Unique Styles Of Craft Beer: A Guide

    As craft beer has become more popular, breweries have begun making more creative styles of beer. As such, you may notice some unfamiliar names as you browse the craft beer aisles at your favorite beer store. It's helpful to know what those beer styles are. Read about a few of them, below. Helles Helles is a German style of beer. It will remind you of a pilsner in that it is rather light, goes down easily, and has a slight fizz.
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