Planning A Pool Party? You'Ll Want These Beverages

Posted on: 6 May 2021

For those who have swimming pools in their backyards, there are few summertime activities that are more exciting than hosting friends for a pool party. It can be enjoyable in the weeks leading up to this event to plan the menu in detail. You might want to prepare a number of appetizers that people can munch on throughout the afternoon, as well as plan a barbecue for dinnertime. You'll also want to offer a selection of alcoholic beverages, so a visit to your local liquor store should be on your list of things to do. Here are some products that you may wish to buy. Contact a liquor store for more information. 


Many liquor stores sell a wide range of cider products, and this type of beverage can be a good one to buy in advance of your pool party. Many people enjoy the refreshing taste of cider on a summer day, so you can expect that this will be a popular choice among your guests. Think about buying a selection of cider products — various types of apple cider and pear cider, for example — and then placing these cans in a cooler that you've filled with ice so that your guests can help themselves throughout the day.

Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer products have increased in popularity in recent years, and they're a fixture at many peoples' pool parties. Your local liquor store likely sells many brands of hard seltzer, so you can browse the options and pick out some flavors that you expect your guests will enjoy. Options can include black cherry, mango, lime, strawberry, and more. Like cider, you'll find hard seltzer products in single-serving cans, which you can keep on ice for your guests.


There are several different types of wine that you may wish to buy in advance of your summertime pool party. While you and your friends may have a few preferred types that you'll want to pick up, there are a couple of specific products that will be popular. Red wine can be a good fit for outdoor gatherings because it's a central ingredient in sangria. Many people enjoy sipping sangria when the weather is hot, so adding a bottle or two of your favorite red wine to ingredients such as orange juice and a selection of diced fresh fruit will be popular. Rose wine is also something that people enjoy in the summer, so adding a few of these bottles to your cart will be worthwhile.


Let's Have a Drink

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