How To Get Discounts At The Liquor Store

Posted on: 14 May 2021

If you enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail now and then, you will probably want to keep your liquor cabinet and fridge well-stocked. However, the cost of wine and liquor can add up over time. There are, however, some key ways you can get discounts at a liquor store and save yourself a few bucks. These tips will be most helpful at a liquor store that advertises itself as a "discount liquor store."

#1: Look at the big bottles

Instead of looking at the most popular 0.75 and 1-liter bottles of liquor and wine, focus on the larger bottles. Some stores keep these in a separate area. Not only do they tend to already tend to be priced lower per unit, but since they can be tough to sell, many liquor stores mark them down from time to time. You might, for example, find a handle of vodka that costs less than a liter of the same vodka. 

#2: Buy by the case

This mostly applies to wine, but if you really love a certain liquor and know you'll drink a case of it over time, then you can buy a case of that liquor, too. Wine and liquor are almost always cheaper by the case. Some stores even offer an additional 5% or 10% discount when you buy by the case. If the store you're in has certain wines that they only sell by the case, you may be able to get an even deeper discount by looking for ones that have sat around a while, are last year's vintage, or have been discontinued.

#3: Ask about rebates

Many wine and liquor companies offer rebates on their items. You'll just have to fill out a little card, submit a photo of your receipt, and wait for your rebate to come in the mail. Some liquor stores display the rebate information with the products. Others just keep this info behind the counter and give it to customers who ask. So, if you do not see any rebate information for a product you're thinking about buying, ask about it. Some rebates are just $1 or $2 a bottle, but if you combine this with savings from a sale, you can save quite a lot.

Don't overpay for your liquor. There are plenty of ways to save, especially if you have a discount store in your area that likes to offer bargains. Contact a local discount liquor store to learn more.


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