Unique Styles Of Craft Beer: A Guide

Posted on: 2 May 2023

As craft beer has become more popular, breweries have begun making more creative styles of beer. As such, you may notice some unfamiliar names as you browse the craft beer aisles at your favorite beer store. It's helpful to know what those beer styles are. Read about a few of them, below.


Helles is a German style of beer. It will remind you of a pilsner in that it is rather light, goes down easily, and has a slight fizz. However, Helles beers tend to have a little more spice and a touch more hops than a pilsner. This is a good summer beer and can easily be enjoyed without accompanying food. 


Kolsch is a good type of craft beer to try if you typically prefer lagers to ales. These beers are fermented at warmer temperatures, which leads to a complex flavor. However, they are light in color and tend to have fruity notes. The finish is typically dry, so you can easily pair a Kolsch with foods you'd typically enjoy with wine, such as cheese, bread, and chocolate.


Saison is a Belgian style of beer that has become more common over the past few years. These beers are hazy, have mild hoppiness, and are usually pretty crisp. They tend to be fairly low in alcohol, which makes them a good choice when you're drinking throughout the day and want to pace yourself. A Saison would pair well with a chicken or fish dish.

American Pale Ale

American pale ales are like the milder cousins of Indian pale ales. Also known as APA, this style is quite hoppy but not as bitter as the IPA. Many APAs have hints of caramel and fruit flavors. They are great for summer drinking and pair well with yeasty snacks like crackers and bread.

Brown Ale

Brown ales are deep brown in color and have lots of chocolate and caramel notes because they are made with roasted malt. Some versions are almost nutty in character. These rich beers are delicious around the holidays and are nice to enjoy with a slice of cake, some cookies, or even a slice of banana bread.

Now that you're familiar with these lesser-known styles of craft beer, you can branch out more comfortably at your local beer store. Don't be afraid to try something new. Especially if you can buy single beers, it's fun to try a new style now and then. 

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