5 Basics Every Business Needs To Know To Secure A Liquor License

Posted on: 12 January 2022

You need a liquor license before you can serve or sell any type of alcoholic beverage. Requirements for a license vary by state and sometimes by county or city. The following are the basic things to know about securing a license, which can help you prepare to begin your application.  1. Check Your Zoning Zoning restrictions can stop your plans before they even begin. Most municipalities have zoning areas where it isn't possible to sell or serve liquor, such as near a school.
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A Guide To Getting Mobile Bartending Service

Posted on: 5 November 2021

Planning an event or celebration is one of the best ways to create memories that last a lifetime. Never count the cost when putting together an event. Mobile bartending services allow you to serve quality spirits, cocktails, wines, and craft beers to your guests. Mobile bartenders provide services that are professional and convenient. Keep reading to learn more about hiring a mobile bartending service. What is a mobile bartending service and why is it helpful?
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How To Get Discounts At The Liquor Store

Posted on: 14 May 2021

If you enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail now and then, you will probably want to keep your liquor cabinet and fridge well-stocked. However, the cost of wine and liquor can add up over time. There are, however, some key ways you can get discounts at a liquor store and save yourself a few bucks. These tips will be most helpful at a liquor store that advertises itself as a "
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Planning A Pool Party? You'Ll Want These Beverages

Posted on: 6 May 2021

For those who have swimming pools in their backyards, there are few summertime activities that are more exciting than hosting friends for a pool party. It can be enjoyable in the weeks leading up to this event to plan the menu in detail. You might want to prepare a number of appetizers that people can munch on throughout the afternoon, as well as plan a barbecue for dinnertime. You'll also want to offer a selection of alcoholic beverages, so a visit to your local liquor store should be on your list of things to do.
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